(due non disclosure agreement specific details of the study could not be mentioned)


  • Bleaching effect of ****** containing tooth paste in smokers
  • Evaluation of depth of tubule occlusion by *******
  • SMH evaluation of different concentrations of CSP
  • Invivo  relapse evaluation of *** containing oral rinse by halimeter
  • Antimicrobial action of Nano **** particulate – ex-vivo study
  • EDX analysis of inoffice application of organic fluorides
  • Remineralazing Efficiency of oral rinse and tooth paste containing ***** ingredients
  • Spectrometer evaluation of non staining **** oral rinse
  • RDA evaluation of new **** cleansing paste
  • **** gel evaluation for the treatment of OSMF
  • Effect of ***** on gingivitis and periodontitis
  • 6 more phase –I evaluations






















































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